miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

Games help mental health

In our time, most teenagers like playing video games with friends or family and they probably don’t know that there are some video games which can improve mental health. It is such good news! However, not all games help your mental health since there are so many types of games.

On the one hand, games like Tetris have proved that people who had an accident which affected their mental health have recovered thanks to this game. These people played during a quarter of hour when they were at hospital, but they also read the newspaper or watched TV. Why does this game improve our health? It is because you need to use your mind to find what is the best place to let the block down in a short time.

On the other hand, there are some types of game in which you don’t need to use your mind because there is no mental exercise. This type of games is maybe the most played since most teenagers prefer having fun without the necessity of thinking about what they are doing so that they play for hours. These games don’t always improve health, they actually can be dangerous as they could get addicted and they spend all the time in front of the screen.

To my mind, we have to alternate the type of games we play in our free time. For instance, we could play fifteen minutes to an educational game and other fifteen minutes to play the other one. What’s more, I think all games should include some mental exercise in order to improve the player’s health.

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