miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2017

Writing 5 FCE

1-In your English class you have been talking about the importance of team work. Now your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.
Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view.

There are times when it is better to do things with other people and times when it is better to be on your own. I’m going to write about team work.

Firstly, team work has a great importance at school. We often have to do projects at school and teachers give us the opportunity of doing it in groups. It has some advantages, for instance, we can divide the work. On the contrary, sometimes there is a person who doesn’t want to do anything and he prejudices the group. If the group works together, it will finish the work sooner.

Secondly, team work is such a necessary thing in sports like football, basketball or even in athletics. In this sports, all the team needs to be united and helps each other to achieve victory. In contrast, there are sports in which you play alone and you don’t depend on anyone so that you have the whole responsibility.

In addition, team work can help you to be more sociable or to lose your shame. If you are very shy, team work may change your mind since you will have to talk with the group and have a good relationship in order to succeed. I think team work is useful if all the group works together. 

Writing 4 FCE

Smoking is one of the main problems to our health in all the world. What’s more, many young people are getting the habit of smoking, they are may unaware of the problems they could have. Should smoking be illegal?

On the one hand, smoking can produce cancer, which is the main problem of death at the current time. Smokers usually think they won’t have problems, although they see some advertisements which say that smoking can end with your life. They might become aware of the consequences after having been smoking for a long time.

On the other hand, people who are not smokers and are sited next to a smoker are affected by them and become passive smokers. For this reason, smoking in public places shouldn’t be allowed since there are children and they can have health problems.

Furthermore, addiction to smoke is so important too, because many adolescents start smoking as a game and then, they get addicted. They will only depend on smoking and they will have difficulty to give up smoking.

In my opinion, smoking should be made illegal because it doesn’t have any benefit in our health so that the government must ban the sale of cigarettes in our country. Only in this way, people will stop smoking and our lives will improve.

viernes, 25 de agosto de 2017

Writing 3 FCE

You have watched a Youtube video about the problem of computer game addiction in children. Your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.
Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view. (140-190 words)
1-bad grades at school
2-no social life
3- (your own idea)

More and more young people are getting addicted to playing computer games and we need to help them to overcome this addiction. There are several points to consider.

To begin with, playing computer games all the time can affect the grades at school. If they spend all the day with the computer, they won’t have enough time to study or to do homework so that they will have worse grades at school.

Another big problem of this addiction is that they prefer being in front of the screen than going out with their friends. As a consequence, they will lose friends and they will be alone with the computer, they won’t have social life, which is very important at this age.

In addition, they could have health problems since they don’t do exercise and they usually eat snack whereas they are playing. They could have problems on the eyes too because of the light of the screen during a long time.

I think they should play only in their free time and they will be able to do more exercise or to study for the exams. We should tell them that having a social life is very important at this age.

viernes, 18 de agosto de 2017

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Writing 2 FCE

2. Write 120-150 words in an appropriate style.
You have just returned from a trip to Canada. You flew there and back with Maple Air. You decide to write to the airline to complain about your flight and ask for some money back.
Read the advertisement and the notes you made and then, using the information, write a letter to the airline. You may add other relevant points of your own.
I am writing to you in order to complain about my last flight with your airline Maple Air because I have had some problems in the flight. Some things were very different from what the advertisement said.

In the first place, I had some problems at the boarding since it was planned to be at 10:00 but it was delayed two hours and, as a consequence, I arrived in Canada later and I couldn't do all things that I have already planned.

In the second place, I wasn’t comfortable on the plane due to the staff. They were quite rude and they didn’t help me when I had problems. For instance, I had a problem with the food because the advertisement of the company said that there was no problem with special diets, but on the plane they told me that they hadn’t vegetarian food for me and I couldn’t eat anything at all. It also said that they had the latest in-flight entertainment, but they only had an old film.

I expect you will take good note of my complaints and you make a full refund of all I have paid.

Yours faithfully,
Mr García

Writing 1 FCE

1. You are helping to organise a visit to an English Language Academy in Manchester. You have received a letter from John Webster, the director of the Academy. Read the letter and the notes you have made. Then write a letter to Mr Webster using all your notes. Write your letter in 120-150 words.

Dear Sir,
We’ve decided to go to your academy since we want to improve our English. Nowadays, learning English properly is very important because it is essential to search for a good job in our country or in a foreign country.

We think that it would be better to stay individually with local families because we would have to listen and answer in English, although it is perhaps a bit difficult for us. In a local family we’ll also learn the culture of the country, which is so important too. For all these reasons, we would prefer to stay with a host family.

I wonder if you could tell us what’s the weather like in Manchester in July. Is it very hot? How often does it rain in summer? Could you recommend to us what types of clothes we will need? Thank you in advance for your attention and I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Mr García

martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

Jane Eyre

viernes, 7 de julio de 2017

Veganism and climate change

Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals, the person who has this type of diet is named vegan. There are many different opinions about veganism.

On the one hand, people defend veganism. They say that this type of diet is very good for our health since it is a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, they also say that natural fruits or vegetables don't have additives that could produce serious illness as cancer. I have read on the article that veganism can save the planet because it reduces the consumption of meat, then, factories that manufacture meat will reduce the gas emissions. Therefore, global warming and other problems with the environment will be improved.

On the other hand, there are people that are against that. One of the main reasons is that vegans can't get all vitamins and proteins necessary for their health without eating food of animal origin. Another problem about veganism is that there are parents who force their children to eat this type of diet and it can be bad for the health since they still aren't developed. 

In my opinion, each person should choose what type of diet he wants to eat without been obligated. All of us are responsible for what we eat and the consequences for our heath.

The two faces of life

Firstly, I'm going to write about terrorism, which is a current issue in all the world since almost every day there is an attack. Terrorism is the systematic use of terror for coercing societies or governments, used by a wide range of political organizations in promoting its objectives, both nationalist and non-nationalist political parties, right and left, as well as by corporations, religious, racist groups, colonialism, independence, revolutionary, and conservative governments in power.

Nowadays there are terrorist acts in famous cities to draw the world's attention and to scare people, such as this attack in London or the one that took place in Paris, where they killed twelve members of newspaper Charlie Hedbo. They usually act in places where there are many people to cause maximum damage. However, in Spain, we haven't had these attacks recently. I think terrorism should not exist because innocent people die.

Secondly, I'm going to write about the Champions League final in which my favourite football team won. At the beginning of the match, I was nervous when Juventus scored a goal and the match was tied. Fortunately, Real Madrid scored three more goals and I wasn't nervous at all. They are the first team in winning the Champions League twice in a row.

A foreigner in New York

sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

Not long ago when the magic was on court...

Showtime was a time in Los Angeles Lakers history when the National Basketball Association (NBA) team played an exciting run-and-gun style of basketball. Led by Magic Johnson's passing skills and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's scoring, the team relied on fast breaks and won five NBA championships. It was such an explosive style that it became a sports phenomenon which brought many Hollywood stars to the Lakers games. It was a spectacle never seen in basketball before.

Earvin Johnson (Magic Johnson) was born on 14th August, 1959. He was a basketball player and also a basketball coach. Magic Johnson studied at the university of Michigan, but in 1979 he left the university to play with Los Angeles Lakers. He won with Los Angeles Lakers five titles of the NBA. He helped the Lakers to become one of the most famous teams in the NBA. He was three times the Most Valuable Player of the NBA.

In 1993 he left the Lakers, because he was diagnosed with AIDS. One year later he won the golden medal with the USA basketball team in the Olympic Games of Barcelona. His last season was the 1993-1994, when he showed again his talent.

Our golden boy Calderón quits ÑBA

First of all, I'm going to write about José Manuel Calderón. Jose Manuel Calderón is one of the best players of basketball of Spain and the world. He was born on 28th September in Villa Nueva de la Serena, he is a real pride for the city and all the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. His main inspiration for basketball came from his father, who used to play basketball for his hometown's team. José Calderón used to enjoy seeing his father play, he accompanied him to his games.

At present he is a basketball player of LA Lakers and he has retired from the Spanish national team, where he won a lot of trophies. For instance, he won the 2006 FIBA World Championship, the silver metal in the 2008 Olympics and another silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. In 2011 he won a golden medal at the Eurobasket in Lituania. I've seen many games of Calderón in the Spanish national team and he plays so well, he is an incredible player! It is a pity that he is no longer going to play for the Spanish national team, although he only wants to concentrate in the LA Lakers.