sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

My town – 50 years ago and now

I live in a small town in the south of Spain. It is near the Mediterranean coast. Fifty years ago the town was very different.
My town was smaller. The buildings were old. There used to be a lots of small shops in Molvízar. Now there are fewer shops, but they are bigger and more modern. There didn’t use to be blocks of flats. Now there are big blocks of flats and big houses. There was a convent, which later became a Civil Guard Station. Now it is a museum. There used to be taverns where the old people used to go to play cards. Fifty years ago not all the people used to have a TV. Now all the people have a TV at home. Fifty years ago the town was filthy.

Transport is very different too. People used to ride on a mule to go to other towns. Also there were a few taxis and buses. People didn’t use to have a car. Now most people have one. There used to be tracks. Now there are motorways. Now people usually go cycling.

My grandparents lived in the town fifty years ago. They say that life was very different. In Molvízar there were shepherds and many people were forwards. People used to pick up gropes, almonds and olives. The doctor used to go to the houses of the patients. Now you have to go to the health centre. At night neighbours used to meet in a house and there they used to tell stories. Children used to play with spin and the girls used to play with rag dolls. What a different life!

In conclusion, life was very different. My grandfather thinks that life was better fifty years ago, because now children don’t go out to play and do sport, because they are always playing with their mobiles or they play video games. In my opinion life is better now, because technologies can help us.

Eating less meat could save 45,000 lives a year

Processed meat can produce cancer if you eat it all the days, but I think that if you eat processed meats sometimes, it can't produce cancer, because it has vitamins and it is necessary for a full diet. 

If processed meat produced cancer, many restaurants might not serve any meat at all, because it would be unhealthy for the customers and they wouldn't eat it. 
I think people are eating more meat than fish or vegetable, because the parents are travelling and when they arrive at home, they don't have much time to do the cooking and also the children like meat better than fish or vegetable.

In my opinion there are a lot of people that eat meat every day and they have problems with their weight and other problems with their health. They should have a balanced diet that has processed meats, but in small quantities. 

I sometimes eat meat and I think that it isn't bad for my health.

NO SMOKING: Drive me home, Daddy!

Smoking in cars should be banned in all the places of the world, not only in England and Wales.

It puts many people in danger, because the driver who is smoking doesn’t pay attention to the road and it can cause an accident and other people can die because of that.

Smoking in cars is dangerous for all the people who are in the car, but especially for the children, because their health is weaker than the adults. The people who don’t smoke, but are in the car with smokers are passive smokers, they inhale the smoke of the cigarette of the smokers and it is unhealthy.

I think that smoking at home is healthier than smoking in the car, because the house is bigger than the car and the smoke is less concentrated and the passive smokers inhale less smoke.

I agree with the law, because this way people will be safer and they won’t be passive smokers.