sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

Eating less meat could save 45,000 lives a year

Processed meat can produce cancer if you eat it all the days, but I think that if you eat processed meats sometimes, it can't produce cancer, because it has vitamins and it is necessary for a full diet. 

If processed meat produced cancer, many restaurants might not serve any meat at all, because it would be unhealthy for the customers and they wouldn't eat it. 
I think people are eating more meat than fish or vegetable, because the parents are travelling and when they arrive at home, they don't have much time to do the cooking and also the children like meat better than fish or vegetable.

In my opinion there are a lot of people that eat meat every day and they have problems with their weight and other problems with their health. They should have a balanced diet that has processed meats, but in small quantities. 

I sometimes eat meat and I think that it isn't bad for my health.

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