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A foreigner in Britain

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My diary of Dublin

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MLK, a wise man to bear in mind

Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta in 1929. His natal name was Michael King Sr, but after a trip with his family to Germany, Michael King Mr decided to change his own name to Martin Luther King, in honor of Martin Luther.

I know a bit of Martin Luther King, I know he fought against racism to black persons.
I’m going to talk about the incident of racism on a bus that is related to Luther King. A white man asked the black woman to yield him the seat of the bus, but she refused and she was arrested by the police. Because of this incident, Martin Luther King decided to initiate a protest in opposition to the racial segregation that his city was suffering. He told black people in the town to not use the bus until this racism was erradicated completely. Finally, one year after the beginning of the opposition against the racism on the buses, this type of racism was declared as illegal.

In 1963, he headed with other 250,000 people, a march for improving the living conditions and integration of the black population in the south of the country. In this peace march he gave his famous speech “I have a dream ". On 14th October in1964, with only 35 years, he received the Nobel Prize on the Peace.

Unfortunately, on 4th April in 1968 he was murdered in Memphis's motel by James Earl Ray.

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Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

Antonio Banderas was born in 1960 in Malaga, Spain. He is an actor, producer and film director. Neither his mother nor his father were actors. His father was a police officer and his mother was a highschool teacher. Antonio Banderas moved to Madrid at the age of 18. In Madrid he acted in small theatres and later, he began into cinema. Pedro Almodóvar offered him Sadec’s role in Labyrinth of Passions (1982), it was his first role in the cinema. In 1988 Antonio Banderas got married with the Spanish woman, Ana Laza, but in 1996 they got divorced.

Melanie Grifith was born in 1957 in New York. She is an American actress. Her mother was the actress and model Tippi Hedren and her father was Peter Griffith, who was a publicist. She had her first role in 1975 in the film “La noche se mueve”. Since then she has been successful and she has participated in many films. She got married with Don Johnson twice. She has a daughter with him, the daughter is named Dakota Johnson and she has another son with Steven Bauer named Alexander Bauer.

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith first met in Two Much’s filming, this film was directed by Fernando Trueba. During the filming, they fell in love. They got married in 1996, in this year they had a daughter named Stella del Carmen. They got divorced in 2014. Now, Antonio Banderas is going out with Nicole Kimpel.

Brussels is currently on high alert

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and he biggest city in Belgium. It is also the principal administrative establishment of the European Union. Brussel is perfectly communicated by train to the main European capitals, for example: London, Paris and Amsterdam. In Brussel there are big international companies. Brussel is dangerous if you have got a sweet tooth, because in Brussel they make sweets that you can’t resist, for example the scent of emboss.

Belgium is situated in the European northwest. Belgium is a multilinguistic state with three official languages: Dutch, French and a bit of German. It is one of the members of the European Union, which principal institutions are located in the country and there are other international organizations, as the NATO.

I think that it is normal that Belgium was on high alert because of terrorism, because there are yihadists that can commit an outrage and a lot of people can die. In my opinion, this protection will avoid the death of people

Robin Hood and James Bond

Robin Hood was a bandit who stole money from the rich people to give it to the poor. In the real life the legend says that he was a man called Robin Longstride, who had a great heart and lived in the Sherwood woods near the city of Nottingham. He fought against the sheriff of Nottingham.

I have seen photos of Nottingham and I think that it is an old city, but very beautiful and I  have also seen the oldest inn in England and for me it is small and smart.

James Bond is a character created by the English novelist Ian Fleming in 1952. James Bond is a secret agent who has license to kill. In the novels and films James Bond, also called agent 007, has to carry out a secret mission and during the mission he has adventures.

I listened to the two songs and I like the song by Adele the most.