jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Writing unit 1

This is me by John

What can I say about his image?

I'm going to write about a boy called John. I think he is very sporty. He usually wears sporty and casual clothes, he always wears tracksuits and trainers, although he wears formal and smart clothes on special days. He doesn't usually wear bracelets or ring, because he doesn't like theses thing, because for him these things don't suit him.

Three things he loves

He really likes playing football, for him it is his favorite sport, at the weekend he's always playing football, he says that he will be better and better. He also likes watching it on television, sometimes he goes out and watches football in a bar with his friends. The second thing that he likes is listening to music, he's always listening to music in his free time and he also listens to music when he's studying, for him music is very important. The third thing he likes is reading books, he usually reads books before going to sleep. He loves adventure books, he has a collection of them in his bedroom.

Three things he hates

In contrast, he doesn't like studying because for him it isn't as reading a book, because reading books is interesting and studying is boring. However, he studies a lot, because thanks to it, he will have a good future, for example a university degree in medicine. The second thing he doesn't like are people who think that they are better than anybody, fortunately his classmates aren't like that. The third thing he hates is trekking. His father, his mother and his brother like it, all of them were in the Pyrenees for trekking, but in contrast John didn't like it. He has so angry that he says that he will never go trekking again.