viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Writing 1 FCE

1. You are helping to organise a visit to an English Language Academy in Manchester. You have received a letter from John Webster, the director of the Academy. Read the letter and the notes you have made. Then write a letter to Mr Webster using all your notes. Write your letter in 120-150 words.

Dear Sir,
We’ve decided to go to your academy since we want to improve our English. Nowadays, learning English properly is very important because it is essential to search for a good job in our country or in a foreign country.

We think that it would be better to stay individually with local families because we would have to listen and answer in English, although it is perhaps a bit difficult for us. In a local family we’ll also learn the culture of the country, which is so important too. For all these reasons, we would prefer to stay with a host family.

I wonder if you could tell us what’s the weather like in Manchester in July. Is it very hot? How often does it rain in summer? Could you recommend to us what types of clothes we will need? Thank you in advance for your attention and I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Mr García

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