sábado, 20 de febrero de 2016

Robin Hood and James Bond

Robin Hood was a bandit who stole money from the rich people to give it to the poor. In the real life the legend says that he was a man called Robin Longstride, who had a great heart and lived in the Sherwood woods near the city of Nottingham. He fought against the sheriff of Nottingham.

I have seen photos of Nottingham and I think that it is an old city, but very beautiful and I  have also seen the oldest inn in England and for me it is small and smart.

James Bond is a character created by the English novelist Ian Fleming in 1952. James Bond is a secret agent who has license to kill. In the novels and films James Bond, also called agent 007, has to carry out a secret mission and during the mission he has adventures.

I listened to the two songs and I like the song by Adele the most.

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