miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

Are mobile phones really suitable for children?

In the latest few years, more and more children ask their parents to buy them a mobile phone for their birthday or as a Christmas present. It is probably because they see their parents or friends using them for several hours, they don’t have the necessity of having a mobile phone at their age. However, mobiles phones have advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, mobiles phones won’t be useful for children unless their parents control the time that their children spend with it or what they are using it for. For example, parents shouldn’t allow them to play on the mobile phones for hours since they could get addicted to them and they would rather prefer to spend the time in front of the screen than going out with friends and doing some exercise. As a consequence, they will have health problems like obesity or eye problems.

On the other hand, if kids and parents use smartphones with responsibility, it will be a good way to improve their knowledge. To my mind, parents should show them videos or apps in which they can learn new vocabulary or discover new things about the world, it will help them to get better mark at school since they will have more information about what they are studying. Moreover, learning through videos or interactive displays is funnier for kids than reading a book, which is probably boring for them.

To sum up, using a smartphone at an early age can be helpful if it is used with responsibility. In my opinion, many parents are not concerned about the risk of using a mobile phone for hours so that they allow their children to spend all the afternoon playing on it. If I were father, I would only lend my children a smartphone to find something they need.

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