miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

Any couch potatoes around?

What is a couch potato? It is a person who spend a lot of time watching television because they are probably addicted to it. And as a consequence they don’t have an active life since they prefer to stay at home regarding series or films rather than going out with friends to do any exercise.

This people usually are very lazy as they don’t want to do anything, they only want to lie on the sofa for all the day. They can easily have health problems such as obesity because they don’t want to play any sport, which is a good way to get fitter since you have fun as you can play with friends at the same time that you are doing physical exercise. They probably don’t do sport since they have never practice any sports and they think it is boring.

As for solutions, I think that friends of a couch potato should show them that doing sport is not boring and insist them to take up a sport. For instance, if all of them like football they can take part of a football team in the city where they live. By doing so, the couch potato will need to go training some days and he will be less dependent on television.

Personally, I think that I am not a couch potato since I don’t like much watching TV, I prefer going out with my friends for walking, hanging out or playing football. If I had a friend who were a couch potato, I would encourage him to stop watching television for all the day and going out with friends. 

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