sábado, 27 de junio de 2015

Facing exams... Buckaroos!!!

Buckaroos is the local names for a cowboy. The word buckaroo is similar to “vaquero” in Spanish. In Spanish “Vaquero” is a shepherd of animals who possesses messes and cattle, traditionally he rides a horse, and often he carries out to the mess.

Buckaroo comes from the Arabic 'bakara' or ‘bakhara’ that also means heifer ‘or’ young cow, and is possible that it has been taken by the Spanish during the centuries of Islamic domination.
Originally the term was understood literally as ' boy who takes care of the cows ', but the modern sense has to see with the adult keepers of cattle of the American west of 1849.

I have some more tips for exam success:

- To do lists of concepts
- To do schemes
- To observe the drawings and graphs.
- To do comparative pictures
- To write down notes of everything the teacher says

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