viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Key Word Transformation

1- We must take as much advantage as possible of any opportunity to speak English.
We have to make the most of any opportunity to speak English.

2 Honestly, I don’t mind where we go for our summer holidays.
Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me where we go for our summer holidays.

3 Could you speak English when you were younger?
When you were younger, were you able to speak English?

4 What’s the answer to sixteen minus eight?
If you take away eight from sixteen, what’s the answer?

5 Three hundred students entered the swimming competition last year.
Three hundred students took part in the swimming competition last year.

6 The students will finish their English course at the end of June.
The English course will have finished by the beginning of July.

7 There will be no more oil available in this area in 2030.
Oil supplies in this area will run out by the year 2031.

8 My sister doesn’t like computer games very much.
My sister isn’t very keen on computer games.

9 ‘Did you eat the chocolates?’ Maria said to Peter.
Maria asked Peter if he had eaten the chocolates.

10 Bob hadn’t seen his uncle for several years.
After several years had gone by Bob saw his uncle again.

11 I needed a cup of coffee this morning but I didn’t have time for one.
I could have done with a cup of coffee this morning but I didn’t have time for one.

12 I’m not going to tolerate this untidiness any longer.
I have no intention of putting up with this untidiness any longer.

13 We went for a walk although it was raining yesterday.
We went for a walk in spite of the rain yesterday.

14 I’m sure it will be raining tomorrow.
It is bound to be raining tomorrow.

15 Could I borrow some change for the telephone?
Could you lend me some change for the

16 It’s ages since my sister and I had an argument.
My sister and I haven’t fallen out for ages.

17 We are friends although we have disagreements about some things.
We are friends despite the fact that we disagree about some things.

18 Has John caught a cold?
Can you tell me if John has come down with a cold?

19 I was really bored by the film last night.
I found the film really boring last night.

20 I think it’s time the children went to bed now.
I think the children had better go to bed now.

21 The problem we were faced with was a serious one.
The problem we came up against was a serious one.

22 It was a mistake not to apply for the job.
I wish I had applied for the job.

23 Being rich has no connection with being happy.
Being rich has nothing to do with being happy.

24 I can’t wait to see the sights in London.
I am looking forward to seeing the sights in London.

25 The tourist trade is much better now than it was last month.
The tourist trade has picked up noticeably since last month.

26 Governments should preserve all the world’s languages.
All the world’s languages ought to be preserved by governments.

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